FPM Congestion Monitoring at 250 Freight Significant Highway Locations


The American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) and the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Office of Freight Management and Operations are monitoring freight significant highways as part of the Freight Performance Measures (FPM) initiative.  A central aspect of these monitoring activities is the identification and quantification of major chokepoints and bottlenecks along highways that are critical to the nation’s freight transportation system.  The following 250 highway location profiles offer state and local governments, as well as private sector stakeholders, information on congestion trends and conditions for infrastructure that is vital to freight transportation.  Although the majority of the locations monitored through this effort are urban interstate interchanges, the roadway designs represented within the 250 profiles are quite diverse, and no two highway locations are identical.  Though each location that is monitored is unique, it is typical that freight traveling across urban interstate interchanges is affected to the greatest degree by AM and PM peak-period congestion.  There are, however, several locations where congestion influences freight mobility during all hours of the day. Additionally, several of the monitored locations will or have seen significant changes in performance due to influences such as long-term highway construction, which can often cause decreases in performance.  Finally, there are locations that are monitored as part of this assessment where congestion is not currently an issue. This annual report ranks congestion’s impact on freight by producing a “congestion index” through analyses that use customized software tools and terabytes of data derived from trucking operations. More specifically, this effort utilizes GPS technology and information to understand the impact of traffic congestion on truck-based freight.  The index figures produced in this report represent truck travel during weekdays in 2010, at all hours of the day; average speeds below a free flow of 55 mph are considered to be an indication of congestion.  The profiles are listed in rank order; Location 1 which is near downtown Chicago has the highest congestion index (and therefore has the highest level of congestion that significantly impacts trucking using this methodology).  A detailed analysis, which includes hourly speed profiles, is available for each location analyzed.  This type of information is useful to private and public sector freight stakeholders that wish to better understand the severity of congestion and mobility constraints experienced along the highway transportation system.  For the public sector, a measurement of freight significant congestion can allow for better-informed decision making related to transportation infrastructure investment.  The private sector can use this type of information to avoid or anticipate congestion and to develop long-term routing and distribution strategies. The list of 250 locations monitored through this program focuses on freight significant highway infrastructure and includes many of the most congested bottlenecks in the United States.  The monitored locations have been identified over several years through reviews of past research, surveys of private and public sector stakeholders and through the use of available highway speed and volume related datasets.  If you would like to recommend a location for the program to monitor that is not on the current list, please click here and submit your suggestion.  For a description of the research methodology, please click here.Click on links below for detailed reports of each location.
Congestion Ranking
Location Description
Avg Speed
Peak Avg Speed
Non-Peak Avg Speed
Non-Peak/ Peak Ratio
1Chicago, IL: I-290 at I-90/I-94IL29.4122.3431.891.43
2Fort Lee, NJ: I-95 at SR 4NJ28.9822.6731.841.40
3Houston, TX: I-45 at US 59 TX38.5530.1942.491.41
4Houston, TX: I-10 at I-45TX41.2832.1845.511.41
5Houston, TX: I-10 at US 59TX41.0131.0246.411.50
6Gary, IN: I-65 at I-80IN47.3545.0648.261.07
7Austin, TX: I-35TX34.5520.3543.422.13
8Chicago, IL: I-90 at I-94 (North)IL35.3922.6440.991.81
9Atlanta, GA: I-285 at I-85 (North)GA45.6934.8750.941.46
10Los Angeles, CA: SR 60 at SR 57CA46.4339.0149.301.26
11Minneapolis – St. Paul, MN: I-35W at I-494MN44.8035.0149.741.42
12Houston, TX: I-610 at US 290TX44.5535.8048.771.36
13Dallas, TX: I-45 at I-30TX41.4032.7845.081.38
14Houston, TX: I-45 at I-610 (North) TX45.8238.6049.031.27
15Cincinnati, OH: I-71 at I-75OH46.7637.3450.791.36
16Denver, CO: I-70 at I-25CO43.8837.0946.911.26
17Buffalo-Niagara Falls, NY: I-90 at I-290NY41.9339.2543.241.10
18Hartford, CT: I-84 at I-91CT46.7337.0450.691.37
19Louisville, KY: I-65 at I-64/I-71KY45.0435.7749.641.39
20Atlanta, GA: I-75 at I-285 (North)GA48.7538.9953.301.37
21Indianapolis, IN: I-65 at I-70 (North)IN51.0346.7552.761.13
22Detroit, MI: I-94 at I-75MI46.8341.1849.331.20
23Kansas City, MO: I-70 at I-670 at US 71MO43.7042.3344.201.04
24Milwaukee, WI: Mitchell Interchange – I-94/I-894WI47.3442.0849.551.18
25Philadelphia, PA: I-76 at I-676PA36.8029.7339.461.33
26Houston, TX: I-10 at I-610 (West)TX48.7040.8252.101.28
27Nashville, TN: I-24 at I-440 (North) TN48.8141.1652.371.27
28St. Louis, MO: Poplar Street Bridge InterchangeMO44.3439.2346.591.19
29Ft. Worth, TX: I-35W at I-30TX46.8538.8550.321.30
30Indianapolis, IN: I-65 at I-70 (South)IN51.3347.7652.721.10
31Baton Rouge, LA: I-10 at I-110LA45.1239.3347.961.22
32Chicago, IL: I-90 at I-94 (South)IL48.0840.6450.601.24
33Los Angeles, CA: I-710 at I-105CA45.1735.7149.141.38
34Nashville, TN: I-40 at I-65 (East)TN45.7234.9351.571.48
35Washington, DC: I-495 at I-66DC42.6535.1644.961.28
36San Bernardino, CA: I-10 at I-15CA48.9443.8550.851.16
37Dayton, OH: I-75 at US 35OH47.5641.1550.151.22
38Philadelphia, PA: I-76 at I-476PA45.4738.4848.381.26
39Brooklyn, NY: I-278 at Belt ParkwayNY37.0531.8939.261.23
40New Haven, CT: I-95 at I-91CT44.7438.5146.651.21
41Oakland, CA: I-80 at I-580/I-880CA37.4427.5742.491.54
42Atlanta, GA: I-20 at I-285 (West)GA50.4445.7252.321.14
43Milwaukee, WI: I-94 at I-894WI48.6839.9452.761.32
44Houston, TX: I-10 at I-610 (East) TX50.9046.6752.781.13
45Chicago, IL: I-290 at I-355 IL47.6643.1749.481.15
46Minneapolis – St. Paul, MN: I-35E at I-94MN44.0235.4048.291.36
47Cincinnati, OH: I-75 at I-74OH49.7241.5853.101.28
48Port Huron, MI: I-94 at I-69MI44.5345.0644.310.98
49Minneapolis – St. Paul, MN: I-35W at I-94MN44.5937.0148.051.30
50Houston, TX: I-610 at US 59 (West)TX45.4137.1548.921.32
51Washington, DC: I-95 at I-495 (North)D.C.48.4437.5052.741.41
52Portland, OR: I-5 at I-84OR39.8832.5043.161.33
53Dallas, TX: US 75 at I-635TX48.0438.2552.421.37
54Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN: I-35W at I-694MN49.3040.3753.871.33
55New Castle, DE: I-95 at US 301DE47.7849.0147.390.97
56Washington, DC: I-495 at I-270 (East)DC45.2231.1150.821.63
57Corona, CA: I-15 at SR 91CA46.2137.3049.551.33
58Atlanta, GA: I-20 at I-285 (East)GA50.9344.5353.691.21
59Seattle, WA: I-5 at I-90WA41.5234.2444.191.29
60Vancouver, WA: I-5 at Columbia RiverWA42.9436.3445.801.26
61Oakland, CA: I-880 at I-238CA48.9241.7452.141.25
62Houston, TX: I-45 at I-610 (South)TX49.0340.9453.141.30
63Detroit, MI: I-75 at I-696MI49.3542.8452.281.22
64Phoenix, AZ: I-17 at I-10 AZ51.2444.5254.001.21
65Stamford, CT: I-95CT48.3439.2951.151.30
66Norwalk, CT: I-95CT48.5941.4850.601.22
67Birmingham, AL: I-65 at I-20AL52.1448.0853.961.12
68Tacoma, WA: I-5 at I-705/SR 16WA48.1642.6750.341.18
69Auburn, WA: SR 18 at SR 167WA49.0242.6651.631.21
70Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN: I-35 W at SR 62MN40.7033.2444.271.33
71Pittsburgh, PA: I-70 at I-79 (East)PA51.9751.4152.181.01
72Boston, MA: I-95 at I-93 (North)MA46.9339.6250.261.27
73Columbus, OH: I-71 at I-70 OH50.2642.8553.151.24
74Boston, MA: I-93 at SR 3MA42.8832.8047.701.45
75Manhasset, NY: I-495 at Shelter Rock RoadNY46.6542.2648.711.15
76Denver, CO: I-25 at I-76 CO51.2344.6954.001.21
77Los Angeles, CA: I-110 at I-105 CA44.7535.8048.451.35
78Baltimore, MD: I-95 at I-695 (South)MD52.4047.6954.071.13
79Atlanta, GA: I-20 at I-75/I-85 GA46.8937.9850.321.32
80Bridgeport, CT: I-95 at RT 8 CT51.2342.7753.971.26
81Nashville, TN: I-65 at I-24TN52.4647.1554.831.16
82Memphis, TN: I-40 at I-240 (East)TN51.3344.4354.481.23
83Charleston, SC: I-26 at I-526SC47.4940.7651.071.25
84Fargo, ND: I-94 at I-29ND50.3548.8251.011.04
85Seattle, WA: I-90 at I-405WA47.5339.1551.211.31
86Tulsa, OK: I-244 at I-444OK45.7142.2347.341.12
87Federal Way, WA: SR 18 at I-5WA51.3145.4253.681.18
88Pittsburgh, PA: I-70 at I-79 (West)PA52.9452.8552.981.00
89El Paso, TX: I-10 at I-110/US 54 TX51.2745.9953.511.16
90Camden, NJ: I-76 at I-676NJ46.8041.8848.681.16
91Baltimore, MD: I-95 at I-395MD51.3448.3052.401.08
92Waterbury, CT: I-84 at SR 8CT50.7646.4252.441.13
93Tampa, FL: I-4 at I-275FL47.1638.0552.031.37
94Houston, TX: I-45 at Sam Houston Tollway (North)TX52.1146.2154.681.18
95Indianapolis, IN: I-465 at I-69IN53.5150.2454.791.09
96Elmsford, NY: I-287 at I-87NY50.2945.4852.001.14
97Providence, RI: I-95 at I-195RI46.4441.1948.791.18
98Las Vegas, NV: I-15 at I-515NV50.6447.4652.431.10
99Montgomery, AL: I-85 at I-65AL51.9250.3152.531.04
100Baltimore, MD: I-95 at I-695 (North)MD52.5847.4154.531.15
101Harrisburg, PA: I-81 at I-83PA53.8850.9655.001.08
102Atlanta, GA: I-75 at I-85 GA47.7138.3650.971.33
103Buffalo-Niagara Falls, NY: I-190 at I-290NY46.2144.9446.721.04
104Duluth, MN: I-35 at I-535MN47.8647.3948.081.01
105Atlanta, GA: I-75 at I-675GA52.8747.8754.801.14
106Jacksonville, FL: I-10 at I-95FL49.9844.4052.351.18
107Parsippany, NJ: I-80 at I-287NJ53.2349.4954.621.10
108Cincinnati, OH: I-75/I-71 at I-275OH53.8951.1255.001.08
109Charter Oak Bridge, CT: I-91 CT53.2849.1354.661.11
110Los Angeles, CA: SR 91 at SR 55 CA50.4744.6852.441.17
111Rye, NY: I-95 at I-287NY52.7350.1453.421.07
112Cleveland, OH: I-77 at I-480OH52.1647.3054.211.15
113Oklahoma City, OK: I-35 at I-40/ I-235OK52.6848.6154.521.12
114Akron, OH: I-76 at I-77/SR 8OH53.0749.5054.541.10
115Richmond, VA: I-95 at I-64 (North)VA52.5048.2654.231.12
116Sacramento, CA: I-80 at I-5CA53.1748.8354.811.12
117Chattanooga, TN: I-75 at I-24TN53.9951.7354.881.06
118Everett, WA: I-5 at US 2WA51.2445.6153.501.17
119Los Angeles, CA: I-405 at I-605 CA48.4838.7352.761.36
120Lynnwood, WA: I-5 at I-405WA51.6945.3054.301.20
121Albuquerque, NM: I-25 at I-40NM53.0949.5254.581.10
122Tacoma, WA: I-5 at SR 512WA52.6148.4154.211.12
123Emporia, KS: I-335 at I-35KS51.7051.8051.661.00
124Birmingham, AL: I-65 at I-459AL54.0551.8655.001.06
125Portland, OR: I-5 at I-205 (South)OR52.3048.3353.941.12
126Charlotte, NC: I-77 at I-485 (South)NC53.6350.6455.001.09
127Denver, CO: I-25 at I-225CO52.2446.3054.921.19
128Morristown, NJ: I-287 at SR 24NJ53.6150.1255.001.10
129Boston, MA: I-190 at I-290MA52.1447.7153.801.13
130Charlotte, NC: I-77 near Lake NormanNC52.6347.4355.001.16
131Springfield, NJ: I-78 at SR 24NJ53.4050.4554.761.09
132Tulsa, OK: US 64 at I-44OK53.0850.6854.061.07
133Columbia, SC: I-26 at I-126SC52.5347.3355.001.16
134San Rafael, CA: I-580 at US 101CA46.7744.6747.461.06
135New Orleans, LA: I-10 at I-610 (West)LA52.1447.6654.121.14
136Augusta, ME: I-95 at I-295 ME 52.3451.3852.611.02
137Miami, FL: I-95 at I-195FL45.9441.3447.531.15
138Omaha, NE: I-80 at I-480NE53.8851.6754.821.06
139Louisville, KY: I-265 at I-64KY53.7352.0354.421.05
140Wichita, KS: I-135 at I-235/I-35KS53.7254.2853.470.99
141Sacramento, CA: I-80 at I-99CA54.2251.8355.001.06
142San Antonio, TX: I-10 at I-410 (North)TX53.4850.0354.901.10
143Los Angeles, CA: SR 134 at SR 2 CA53.1050.0453.971.08
144Memphis, TN: I-55 at I-240TN54.6053.6555.001.03
145Shreveport, LA: I-49 at I-20LA54.1552.3255.001.05
146Columbus, OH: I-270 at I-70 (West)OH54.6653.7755.001.02
147Phoenix, AZ: I-10 at SR 51/SR 202AZ52.6848.3254.231.12
148Charleston, WV: I-64 at I-77/I-79WV54.3053.0854.871.03
149Danbury, CT: I-84/RT 7 CT54.2952.6854.971.04
150Seattle, WA: I-90 (Floating Bridge)WA50.7643.3153.771.24
151Spokane, WA: I-90 at SR 195WA53.5353.7853.420.99
152Little Rock, AR: I-40 at I-30AR54.3052.5255.001.05
153Reno, NV: I-80 at US 395NV54.3653.2954.811.03
154Sacramento, CA: I-80 at I-305CA54.5353.4654.891.03
155Jackson, MS: I-55 at I-20MS54.5753.5155.001.03
156Knoxville, TN: I-40 at I-275TN54.5353.3755.001.03
157Salt Lake City, UT: I-15 at I-215 (South)UT53.9151.4955.001.07
158Joliet, IL: I-80 at I-55IL54.8755.0054.821.00
159Fort Lauderdale, FL: I-95 at I-595 FL53.9951.5354.961.07
160San Diego, CA: I-5 at SR 163CA50.6848.1252.071.08
161Vancouver, WA: I-205 at SR 14WA54.2652.2754.941.05
162New Castle, DE: I-95 at SR 1DE54.7354.0354.981.02
163Indianapolis, IN: I-465 at I-865IN54.6753.7755.001.02
164St. Louis, MO: I-70 at I-270MO54.8254.3655.001.01
165White River Junction, VT: I-91 at I-89VT54.0354.3353.910.99
166Asheville, NC: I-40 at I-26/I-240NC54.7354.7154.741.00
167Olympia, WA: I-5 at US 101WA54.7053.8355.001.02
168Green Bay, WI: US 41 at SR 172WI54.6953.9954.991.02
169Las Cruces, NM: I-10 at I-25NM54.8154.3355.001.01
170Concord, NH: I-93 at I-89NH54.7054.3254.801.01
171Birmingham, AL: I-59 at I-459AL54.8054.3455.001.01
172Greensboro, NC: I-40 at I-73/I-85NC54.9154.8254.951.00
173Council Bluffs, IA: I-29 at I-80IA54.9254.7455.001.00
174St. Louis, MO: I-270 at I-55/ I-255MO54.9254.7355.001.00
175Colorado Springs, CO: I-25 at W. Bijou StreetCO54.8654.5155.001.01
176Charlotte, NC: I-85 near ConcordNC54.9454.7755.001.00
177Van Buren, AR: I-40 at I-540AR54.9655.0054.951.00
178Saint Johnsbury, VT: I-91 at I-93VT54.6554.7354.621.00
179Flagstaff, AZ: I-17 at I-40AZ54.9654.9354.971.00
180Macon, GA: I-16 at I-75GA54.9854.9155.001.00
181Butte, MT: I-15 at I-90 (East)MT54.9354.8554.961.00
182Butte, MT: I-15 at I-90 (West)MT54.9354.9754.921.00
183Portland, ME : I-495 at I-95ME 54.9855.0054.971.00
184Boston, MA: I-495 at I-95MA54.9954.9755.001.00
185Charlotte, NC: I-85 at I-485 (West)NC55.0054.9955.001.00
186Grand Rapids, MI: I-96 at I-296/US 131MI55.0054.9955.001.00
187Chicago, IL: I-80 at I-94 IL55.0055.0055.001.00
188Birmingham, AL: I-459 at I-20AL55.0055.0055.001.00
189Mobile, AL: I-10 (East of Tunnel)AL55.0055.0055.001.00
190Tucson, AZ: I-10 at I-19AZ55.0055.0055.001.00
191San Antonio, TX: I-35 at I-410 (South)TX55.0055.0055.001.00
192Salt Lake City, UT: I-15 at I-215 (North)UT55.0055.0055.001.00
193Kansas City, MO: I-435 at I-470MO55.0055.0055.001.00
194Savannah, GA: I-95 at I-16GA55.0055.0055.001.00
195Clinton, SC: I-26 at I-385SC55.0055.0055.001.00
196Toledo, OH: I-75 at I-80OH55.0055.0055.001.00
197Macon, GA : I-475 at I-75 (North) GA 55.0055.0055.001.00
198Macon, GA: I-475 at I-75 (South)GA55.0055.0055.001.00
199Portland, OR: I-5 at I-205 (North)OR55.0055.0055.001.00
200Springfield, MO: I-44 at US 65MO55.0055.0055.001.00
201Manchester, CT: I-84 at I-384CT55.0055.0055.001.00
202Bloomington-Normal, Il: I-39 at I-55/I-74IL55.0055.0055.001.00
203Champaign-Urbana, Il: I-57 at I-74IL55.0055.0055.001.00
204Peoria, IL: I-74 at I-474IL55.0055.0055.001.00
205Dayton, OH: I-75 at I-70OH55.0055.0055.001.00
206Lexington, KY: I-75 at I-64/US 60KY55.0055.0055.001.00
207Manchester, NH: I-93 at I-293NH55.0055.0055.001.00
208Billings, MT: I-90 at I-94MT55.0055.0055.001.00
209Buffalo, WY: I-90 at I-25WY55.0055.0055.001.00
210Cheyenne, WY: I-80 at I-25WY55.0055.0055.001.00
211Ellensburg, WA: I-90 at I-82WA55.0055.0055.001.00
212Hermiston, OR: I-84 at I-82OR55.0055.0055.001.00
213Sioux Falls, SD: I-29 at I-90SD55.0055.0055.001.00
214Sioux Falls, SD: I-229 at I-90SD55.0055.0055.001.00
215Sioux Falls, SD: I-229 at I-29SD55.0055.0055.001.00
216Cotterel, ID: I-84 at I-86ID55.0055.0055.001.00
217Pocatello, ID: I-86 at I-15ID55.0055.0055.001.00
218Cove Fort, UT: I-15 at I-70UT55.0055.0055.001.00
219Near Big Springs, NE: I-80 at I-76NE55.0055.0055.001.00
220Eau Claire, WI: US 53 at SR 29WI55.0055.0055.001.00
221Eau Claire, WI: US 53 at I-94WI55.0055.0055.001.00
222Green Bay, WI: US 141 at US 41/I-43WI55.0055.0055.001.00
223Green Bay, WI: SR 172 at I-43WI55.0055.0055.001.00
224Oklahoma City, OK: I-35 at I-44OK55.0055.0055.001.00
225Des Moines, IA: I-80 at I-35 North/I-235IA55.0055.0055.001.00
226Des Moines, IA: I-80 at I-35 South/ I-235IA55.0055.0055.001.00
227Meridian, MS: I-59 at I-20MS55.0055.0055.001.00
228Miami, FL: I-75 at I-595/SR 93FL55.0055.0055.001.00
229Boston, MA: I-495 at SR 2MA55.0055.0055.001.00
230Near Morgantown, WV: I-79 at I-68WV55.0055.0055.001.00
231Roanoke, VA: I-81 at I-581VA55.0055.0055.001.00
232Near Salt Lake City, UT: I-84 at I-80UT55.0055.0055.001.00
233Elizabethtown, KY: US 31 W at SR 9001/ I-65KY55.0055.0055.001.00
234Little Rock, AR: I-30 at I-430AR55.0055.0055.001.00
235Near Lebanon, PA: I-81 at I-78PA55.0055.0055.001.00
236Near Lake City, FL: I-10 at I-75FL55.0055.0055.001.00
237Lansing, MI: I-69 at I-96 (North)MI55.0055.0055.001.00
238Lansing, MI: I-96 at I-496/US 127MI55.0055.0055.001.00
239Pensacola, FL: I-10 at I-110FL55.0055.0055.001.00
240Daytona Beach, FL: I-95 at I-4FL55.0055.0055.001.00
241Topeka, KS: I-70 at I-470 (West)KS55.0055.0055.001.00
242Columbia, SC: I-77 at I-20SC55.0055.0055.001.00
243Tremonton, UT: I-15 at I-84UT55.0055.0055.001.00
244Salina, KS: I-70 at I-135KS55.0055.0055.001.00
245Beckley, WV: I-77 at I-64WV55.0055.0055.001.00
246Kingsport, TN: I-81 at I-181TN55.0055.0055.001.00
247Iowa City, IA: I-80 at I-380IA55.0055.0055.001.00
248Near Albert Lea, MN: I-35 at I-90MN55.0055.0055.001.00
249Big Spring, TX: US 87 at I-20TX55.0055.0055.001.00
250Erie, PA: I-79 at I-90PA55.0055.0055.001.00