Critical Issues in the Trucking Industry

The American Trucking Associations (ATA) continues to closely identify and monitor the issues that will likely affect trucking in the coming years.  By staying abreast of the most pressing industry issues, ATA can more effectively provide national leadership to protect the industry’s interests.  The annual survey of critical issues facing the trucking industry is conducted by ATRI and is an important mechanism for implementing this strategy.  Since its inception in 2005, the ATRI Top Industry Issues Survey continues to serve as a unique and vital tool for industry and public sector decision-makers alike.

To develop the survey each year, ATRI collaborates with a group of key industry stakeholders to identify a sizable catalog of issues and potential strategies from which the final list of critical industry issues and associated strategies is selected.  After the survey is designed and tested, it is distributed to a large sample of more than 4,000 industry stakeholders to gauge the importance of each issue.  Survey participants are asked to select their top three choices from the aforementioned industry-generated list of over 20 issues.  In addition to choosing the three most important challenges affecting the industry, respondents are also asked to rank order a list of three strategies designed to address each issue.

Survey respondents represent industry stakeholders from both the U.S. and Canada and include motor carriers, commercial drivers and other interested parties.  Click the year below to view the Top Industry Issues report for specified year.

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