Commercial Motor Vehicle Driver Safety Belt Usage

CTBSSP8Commercial Truck and Bus Safety Synthesis 8

Sponsored by FMCSA

This synthesis will be useful to commercial vehicle operators, federal and state agencies, and others interested in improving commercial vehicle safety. The report identifies and documents (1) motivating factors that influence commercial motor vehicle
(CMV) drivers in deciding whether to wear safety belts and (2) research and practices that address CMV safety belt usage. It also offers a review of ergonomic and human engineering factors in the design and use of safety belts in CMVs as well as approaches to facilitate safety belt use by truck manufacturers. The information for this synthesis was obtained through a review of relevant literature; a survey of commercial truck and bus fleet managers; focus group discussions with CMV drivers; a survey of CMV drivers conducted at several truck stops; a review of the interactions of the commonly used 3-point safety belt with a range of CMV drivers; and visits to a number of CMV original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to examine installation of current safety belt designs and approaches used in new CMVs. This synthesis was prepared in support of the U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s Commercial Motor Vehicle Safety Belt Partnership, which is conducting outreach activities to promote safety belt use and participating in and implementing safety belt-related research.