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Issues and Opportunities with Driver-Facing Cameras

The report identified specific carrier policies and driver management approaches that lead to higher driver ratings. Overall driver approval of driver-facing cameras increased by 87 percent when carriers used video footage for specific proactive safety measures.

Additional analyses focus on insurance and litigation considerations for in-cab cameras. Experts in both fields expressed preference for event-based driver-facing cameras over continuously recording cameras, and they concurred with drivers that primary video footage access should be limited to safety managers as much as possible.

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Related News

ATRI Seeks Truck Driver Input on Challenges Encountered by Women Drivers

The American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) today launched a new survey to identify what both women and men truck drivers believe to be the barriers to entry for women truck drivers.  The research will also capture other challenges that truck drivers encounter while training, on the road, and at parking facilities.  The research will utilize responses from both women and men drivers to identify and contrast the unique challenges faced by women drivers.

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ATRI Issues Call for Motor Carrier Input on Challenges and Opportunities for Improving Accessibility for Women Truck Drivers

The American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) today launched a new survey to identify what motor carriers are doing to recruit and retain women truck drivers. This survey is part of a larger study identified by ATRI’s Research Advisory Committee as a top research priority. The study will identify challenges unique to women truck drivers as well as best practices that can be leveraged to overcome those challenges.

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ATRI Commences Research on Challenges Faced by Women Truck Drivers

The American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) is initiating research on the challenges facing women truck drivers as well as barriers that discourage women from considering a career as a truck driver.  The comprehensive study will also identify strategies for overcoming industry issues faced by women.  Previous ATRI research has confirmed that women make up only 8.1 percent of all U.S. truck drivers, and only 2.7 percent of over-the-road truck drivers.  In response, the ATRI Research Advisory Committee prioritized this new women-focused research initiative at its 2023 Annual Meeting.

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