AASHTO  American Association of Highway and Transportation Officials
 APU  Auxiliary Power Unit
 ATA  American Trucking Associations
 ATRI American Transportation Research Institute
 CMV Commercial Motor Vehicle
 CNG Compressed Natural Gas
C-TIP Cross-town Improvement Project
DEQ Department of Environmental Quality
DERA Diesel Emissions Reduction Act
DGE Diesel Gallon Equivalent
DOE Department of Energy
DOT Department of Transportation
DSRC Dedicated Short Range Communication
DTL Dedicated Truck Lane
EPA Environmental Protection Agency
EGR Exhaust gas recirculation
EVMS Electronic Vehicle Management System
FHWA Federal Highway Administration
FMCSA Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration
GHG Greenhouse Gas
GVW Gross Vehicle Weight
HPV Higher Productivity Vehicle
ISTEA Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act
LCV Longer Combination Vehicle
LNG Liquefied Natural Gas
LTL Less than Truckload
MPH Mile per Hour
NAFTA North American Free Trade Agreement
NHS National Highway System
NHTSA National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
NOx Nitrogen Oxides
NPRM Notice of Proposed Rulemaking
PM Particulate Matter
R&D Research and Development
RFID Radio Frequency Identification
ROI Return on Investment
SCR Selective Catalytic Reduction
TPMS Tire Pressure Monitoring System
TRB Transportation Research Board
TTI Texas Transportation Institute
VOC Volatile Organic Compound
VMT Vehicle Miles Traveled