National Corridors Analysis and Speed Tool (N-CAST)

Welcome to the N-CAST homepage. N-CAST is a strategic freight performance tool for identifying and assessing truck mobility issues on our nation’s highways.

What is N-CAST?

N-CAST offers a national, standardized picture of freight mobility which can be tapped to produce key performance measures and to assess performance trends. This initial beta release includes average speeds across the interstate system in the continental United States. Roadways in this first generation of N-CAST are typically divided into multi-directional segments that are one-mile in length. Average speed measures are available for each segment of highway, and include AM and PM peak averages along with other measures. Based on public- and private sector demand for this initial database and user feedback, future releases may include additional freight significant highways and arterials, and more granular measures such as monthly, weekly and daily measurements, broken out by time of day.

Additionally, data is available for use with N-CAST from 2005 onward.

How do I use N-CAST?

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Given the large scale of N-CAST, ATRI welcomes feedback on tool design, functionality, and quality during this initial beta release. N-CAST is intended to provide a valuable source of freight performance measures for freight stakeholders and will be most successful with consistent engagement by users – we encourage you to submit feedback here.

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