Unclogging America’s Arteries 2015 – Prescriptions for Healthier Highways

On November 18, 2015 ATRI released its 2015 list of the top truck bottlenecks in the country.  The list of the top 100 truck bottlenecks is available here.  For each bottleneck listed, ATRI provides a time-of-day profile which identifies the best and worst times of the day for trucks to travel through those locations.  The bottleneck list and time-of-day profiles are used by trucking operations staff, dispatchers and drivers to more effectively schedule freight through some of the nation’s most congested locations.

Last week, the American Highway Users Alliance (AHUA) released its report, Unclogging America’s Arteries 2015 – Prescriptions for Healthier Highways.  ATRI played a significant role in the development of the AHUA study, which identifies the nation’s 50 top bottlenecks for cars and trucks combined.  The report also highlights ATRI’s work in identifying truck-specific bottlenecks.

A copy of the AHUA report is also available by clicking here.

If you would like more information about ATRI’s bottleneck analyses, please contact us at ATRI@trucking.org.