Integrated Corridor Management Primers

ATRI recently led the development of two Primers for the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Integrated Corridor Management (ICM) program.  The vision of ICM is for transportation networks to realize significant improvements in the efficient movement of people and goods through integrated, proactive management of existing infrastructure along major corridors.  Working through an ICM approach, transportation professionals manage the corridor as a multimodal system and make operational benefits for the benefit of the corridor as a whole.

  • fhwahop15018Integrated Corridor Management and Freight Opportunities examines how freight can be incorporated into an ICM approach as well as the benefits of ICM in addressing many of the challenges in moving freight through major corridors.  Click here to download a pdf of this primer.





  • Integrated Corridor Management and Traffic Incident Management describes how traffic incident management (TIM) can be incorporated into ICM as well as detailing the many benefits that ICM brings to the advancement of TIM programs.  Click here to download a pdf of this primer.


Additional ICM resources are available from FHWA here: