Top 100 Truck Bottlenecks – 2021

Since 2002, the American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) has collected and processed truck GPS data in support of numerous U.S. DOT freight mobility initiatives. Using truck GPS data from over 1 million freight trucks, ATRI develops and monitors a series of key performance measures on the nation’s freight transportation system. Among many GPS analyses, ATRI converts its truck GPS dataset into an ongoing truck bottleneck analysis that is used to quantify the impact of traffic congestion on truck-borne freight at over 300 specific locations.  While other datasets may identify congested corridors, no dataset available today specifically identifies granular chokepoints in the nation’s truck freight transportation system. 

Measuring the performance of freight movement across our nation’s highways is critical to understanding where and at what level investment should be made. The information provided through this effort empowers decision-making in both the private and public sectors by helping stakeholders better understand the severity of congestion and mobility constraints on the U.S. highway transportation system. This is of particular importance as the nation weighs the needs and resources available for transportation funding.

On a state and local level, this research can inform local investment decisions that can directly improve supply chain efficiency. ATRI’s bottleneck analysis incorporates and synthesizes several unique components, including a massive database of truck GPS data at freight-significant locations throughout the U.S., and an algorithm that quantifies the impact of congestion on truck-based freight. In addition, the annual reports provide a chronological repository of mobility profiles, allowing congestion changes to be assessed over time. This allows transportation analysts and planners to conduct performance benchmarking and identification of influential factors contributing to congestion and the requisite consequences on freight mobility.

  • Click here for an Executive Summary of the 2021 analysis.
  • Click here for a description of the research methodology.
  • States with one or more of the top 100 truck bottlenecks are shown in blue on the map below.  A PDF of the congestion profile for each top 100 location within a state can be viewed and downloaded by clicking on the respective state.  
  • The table below contains the top 100 bottleneck locations in rank order.  You can view an individual congestion profile by clicking on each location’s hyperlink.  The table can also be sorted by clicking the header in each column.
  • Click here to view the 2021 Bottleneck Analysis Animation.

States With A Top 100 Truck Bottleneck

States Not In Top 100

Congestion RankingLocation DescriptionStateAverage SpeedPeak
Peak Average
Speed Percent
1Fort Lee, NJ: I-95 at SR 4NJ36.531.338.539.4%
2Cincinnati, OH: I-71 at I-75OH44.140.145.711.5%
3Atlanta, GA: I-285 at I-85 (North)GA42.634.446.353.5%
4Atlanta, GA: I-20 at I-285 (West)GA45.140.946.812.6%
5Houston, TX: I-45 at I-69/US 59TX40.231.444.153.7%
6Chicago, IL: I-290 at I-90/I-94IL28.825.430.157.6%
7Chattanooga, TN: I-75 at I-24TN49.346.850.4-1.8%
8St. Louis, MO: I-64/I-55 at I-44MO47.346.147.710.1%
9Rye, NY: I-95 at I-287NY47.545.74812.0%
10San Bernardino, CA: I-10 at I-15CA46.740.749.125.1%
11Los Angeles, CA: SR 60 at SR 57CA47.241.949.426.8%
12Dallas, TX: I-45 at I-30TX43.133.547.320.8%
13Nashville, TN: I-24/I-40 at I-440 (East)TN47.339.950.565.9%
14Brooklyn, NY: I-278 at Belt ParkwayNY38.333.740.132.8%
15Austin, TX: I-35TX38.529.941.791.0%
16Atlanta, GA: I-75 at I-285 (North)GA49.945.651.756.6%
17Houston, TX: I-45 at I-610 (North)TX46.438.65047.8%
18Baton Rouge, LA: I-10 at I-110LA43.537.746.328.0%
19Chicago, IL: I-90 at I-94 (South)IL45.541.34730.0%
20Denver, CO: I-70 at I-25CO44.838.947.530.9%
21Los Angeles, CA: I-710 at I-105CA45.939.148.855.2%
22Houston, TX: I-10 at I-45TX47.639.751.159.5%
23Vancouver, WA: I-5 at Columbia RiverWA45.94446.724.3%
24Cincinnati, OH: I-75/I-71 at I-275OH4945.350.55.1%
25Atlanta, GA: I-20 at I-285 (East)GA49.646.350.920.9%
26Philadelphia, PA: I-76 at I-676PA33.530.734.631.7%
27Denver, CO: I-70 at I-270CO4540.247.242.0%
28Portland, OR: I-5 at I-84OR41.237.442.962.9%
29Queens, NY: I-495NY29.320.63437.5%
30Hartford, CT: I-84 at I-91CT50.647.151.743.8%
31McDonough, GA: I-75GA5249.353.10.1%
32Corona, CA: I-15 at SR 91CA47.443.848.729.6%
33Providence, RI: I-95 at I-195RI45.541.747.231.7%
34Stamford, CT: I-95CT4740.949.130.1%
35Nashville, TN: I-40 at I-65 (East)TN47.741.450.356.8%
36Indianapolis, IN: I-65 at I-70 (North)IN51.2475336.2%
37Seattle, WA: I-5 at I-90WA40.432.444.426.5%
38Houston, TX: I-10 at I-610 (West)TX51.244.953.943.7%
39Tacoma, WA: I-5 at I-705/SR 16WA47.742.849.935.1%
40Norwalk, CT: I-95CT48.646.449.352.3%
41Waterbury, CT: I-84 at SR 8CT48.746.449.5-2.0%
42Chicago, IL: I-80 at I-94IL53.351.354.18.7%
43Dallas, TX: US 75 at I-635TX50.242.653.530.8%
44Los Angeles, CA: I-110 at I-105CA44.639.746.739.6%
45Houston, TX: I-610 at I-69/US 59 (West)TX44.639.646.638.6%
46Bronx, NY: I-678NY39.636.740.942.0%
47Philadelphia, PA: I-76 at US 1PA42.136.744.467.4%
48Gary, IN: I-65 at I-80IN53.252.353.57.6%
49Chicago, IL: I-90 at I-94 (North)IL45.336.249.1118.2%
50Houston, TX: I-610 at US 290TX49.342.152.937.5%
51Richland, MS: US 49MS39.638.939.9-0.5%
52Atlanta, GA: I-20 at I-75/I-85GA47.241.649.254.5%
53Chattanooga, TN: I-24 at US 27TN51.647.653.325.3%
54Kansas City, MO: I-70 at I-670 at US 71MO50.347.751.324.0%
55Oakland, CA: I-880 at I-238CA48.343.850.636.4%
56Detroit, MI: I-94 at I-75MI5047.351.323.7%
57Minneapolis – St. Paul, MN: I-35E at I-94MN48.346.249.139.0%
58Houston, TX: I-10 at I-610 (East )TX52.649.25417.1%
59Charleston, SC: I-26 at I-526SC47.941.25121.5%
60Federal Way, WA: SR 18 at I-5WA504552.336.8%
61Manhasset, NY: I-495 at Shelter Rock RoadNY46.941.449.427.8%
62Auburn, WA: SR 18 at SR 167WA50.145.75227.9%
63Minneapolis – St. Paul, MN: I-94 at US 52MN40.83941.642.5%
64Tampa, FL: I-4 at I-275FL45.738.449.137.3%
65Oakland, CA: I-80 at I-580/I-880CA40.935.443.549.2%
66Denver, CO: I-25 at I-76CO51.145.953.422.7%
67Columbus, OH: I-71 at I-70OH47.845.248.821.2%
68Atlanta, GA: I-75 at I-85GA46.339.248.967.0%
69Ft. Worth, TX: I-35W at I-30TX49.843.652.519.8%
70Camden, NJ: I-76 at I-676NJ47.546.447.915.2%
71Phoenix, AZ: I-17 at I-10AZ51.346.153.455.6%
72Philadelphia, PA: I-476 at I-95PA50.347.451.443.4%
73Seattle, WA: I-90 at I-405WA4540.147.140.4%
74Pittsburgh, PA: I-70 at I-79 (East)PA5151.250.89.6%
75Hartford, CT: I-91 at US 5CT50.150.949.917.1%
76Philadelphia, PA: I-76 at I-476PA50.948.451.936.6%
77Nashville, TN: I-65 at I-24TN52.647.954.530.0%
78Los Angeles, CA: SR 91 at SR 55 CA50.646.552.116.2%
79Minneapolis – St. Paul, MN: I-35W at I-494MN51.948.953.145.1%
80Houston, TX: I-45 at I-610 (South)TX49.4445228.1%
81Cincinnati, OH: I-75 at I-74OH51.948.753.127.8%
82Charlotte, NC: I-85 at I-485 (West)NC53.450.354.724.1%
83Milwaukee, WI: I-94/I-794 at I-43WI50.747.75247.4%
84Tacoma, WA: I-5 at SR 512WA51.748.253.110.5%
85Tiger Mountain Summit, WA: SR 18WA42.640.243.634.1%
86Buffalo-Niagara Falls, NY: I-90 at I-290NY50.948.851.719.3%
87New Haven, CT: I-95 at I-91CT52.548.153.822.2%
88Nashville, TN: I-65 at SR 386TN52.848.654.711.0%
89Portland, OR: I-5 at I-205 (South)OR51.747.153.931.1%
90Bridgeport, CT: I-95 at SR 8/SR 25CT52.950.653.625.1%
91Baltimore, MD: I-695 at I-70MD52.54953.943.4%
92Boston, MA: I-93 at SR 3MA47.142.549.373.6%
93Harrisburg, PA: SR 581 at I-83PA52.750.653.520.8%
94Pittsburgh, PA: I-376PA44.741.84653.9%
95Jacksonville, FL: I-10 at I-95FL51.447.253.323.3%
96Indianapolis, IN: I-465 at I-69IN53.350.354.620.4%
97Fairfax, VA: I-495 at I-66VA5147.852.145.0%
98Boston, MA: I-95 at I-93 (North)MA50.246.451.945.8%
99Indianapolis, IN: I-65 at I-70 (South)IN52.549.353.841.3%
100Las Vegas, NV: I-15 at I-515NV52.148.953.617.5%